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Writing progress

A few people on rasfc and IWriSloMo are doing the NaNoEdMo thing at the moment. I'm not, for the simple reason that I haven't finished the first draft yet.

Yet I like the idea of an intensive editing month. Whereas I don't think I could write 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo (not while I'm working full time anyway), thinking about it, I probably could fit 50 hours of editing in a month because I like editing. Also I can do it when I'm much tireder. Yesterday, even after spending the day critiquing and grading little stories, I spent 45 minutes after dinner doing a Really Absolutely Final This Time pass on a short story. I only managed to prune out 70 words (of an initial 3,700), but I hope it will deal with one of the reasons it was rejected. The other reason (that it was too light and fluffy) is intrinsic to the story, so tough. I'll just have to hope I can find a magazine that wants something short and fluffy.

With the main WIP (Moving a Mountain), I think I'm still gathering my strength for the assault on the metaphorical summit of the ending. (I find "climbing a mountain" works well for me as a metaphor for writing a novel.)

I have now reached the summit camp and need a couple of hours to sit down quietly and make a list of what has to happen and in what order and start sketching out scenes on my Scene Planning sheets. Then I want to really go for it and try to finish in one swell foop and plant the flag saying The End right on the top.

Then I can start revising. :-)

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