Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Lots of "important" books I haven't read...

Via seaivy who was talking about not having read a number of books the Washington Post thought had changed the world.

I've googled and found the list. Out of it I have read:

The Grapes of Wrath At school as a set book.
Uncle Tom’s Cabin though it was possibly an abridged children's version.
A Christmas Carol I think I have read it at some time, though it's one of those stories that you see so many adaptations of that you become unsure whether you ever read the original.
Nineteen Eighty-Four I read this in my teens at the same time as Brave New World. Didn't enjoy either of them.

I have not read To Kill a Mockingbird, though the young English teacher I had when I was 16 raved about it. But I resisted because I didn't think it was something I'd enjoy and it wasn't read in class. I haven't read Beloved either. And finally I'm probably too old to have read The Cat in the Hat. Though published in 1957, I suspect that by the time it reached the UK, I would have been too old for it.

I have never even heard of The Jungle, Go Ask Alice, The Fire in the Flint, The House of God

I have heard of Atlas Shrugged, but only relatively recently. It's a book that people I often argued with online had read and raved about.

Of course it's very US-centric and a British list would look very different, but I always find that I've read very few of the books that appear on these lists of "greatest" or "world changing" or whatever.
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