Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Some pictures

The miniature roses that were a birthday present two years ago are flowering again -- which means I've managed to keep them alive all that time!

Miniature rose

Miniature roses

The miniature roses that were a birthday present last year are still alive, but not flowering. I need to do what I did with the older plants and split them up. What appears to be one mini rose bush is actually four plants. Also moving them into the warmer and lighter conservatory would probably encourage them.

I mentioned planting peas in a previous post, well they've sprouted! They smell of peas.

Pea shoots

And it's now light enough and warm enough to take my breakfast out into the conservatory, so I have unfolded the leaf on the gate leg table and got the cute owl table cloth out again. The table cloth is waterproof and can be wiped down.

Owl table cloth
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