Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

A quick catch up post

I started a post last Thursday, didn't get very far with it and -- possibly because there isn't anything exciting to report -- haven't posted over the weekend.

What I typed last Thursday...
I'd taken some stewing steak out of the freezer on Tuesday and put it in the fridge to thaw, but it was still mostly frozen yesterday morning, so I couldn't do the planned slow cooked beef stew. Instead we had a cheese and potato bake, which also used up the tomatoes. I put the beef on to cook this morning. It smells really good as it simmers slowly through the day. We'll probably have baked potatoes with it.

We did have baked potatoes with the stew, and it was very nice. The rest is now in the freezer. Though I only have the two of us to cook for, I like to make larger batches so I can have days with minimal cooking every so often.

Since then I did the usual phone chat with my elderly friend M on Friday. We did the crossword together and I failed to help with a problem she'd had with some new equipment. Because she's very deaf, the fire brigade have provided a gadget to put under her pillow that will vibrate in the night if the fire alarm goes off. Also something that will project a bright flashing light into the bedroom. Since her carer set it up, she hasn't been able to access her online banking because it tells her that there is no wifi, but Google search still works, so that's a bit strange. Trying to troubleshoot a complicated system without access to it or the instructions was not really possible, so all I could suggest was that she get Sue (carer) to contact the fire brigade to see if anyone else has had the same problem and what to do to solve it.

I haven't done anything interesting over the weekend. I need to do more exercise because other than some useful gardening (grass cutting and weed removal round the front of the house), I have not been outside.

Sunday was the online Quaker meeting. Because S (the other most active member) feels that Zoom is the best option, we only get 40 minutes because we're only using the free option. I agree that the image and sound quality on Zoom is better than a Google Hangout, but I've started using a Skype group with the Wednesday morning Welsh chat and it's fine and there's no time limit. However, I think the other members are happy with a shorter meeting, so Zoom it is.

It's somewhat ironic that I'm arranging the online meetings because I had wanted to step back from our local Quaker meeting. It was no longer providing what I needed and, as the person who lives nearest to the village hall where we meet, I had become The Person Who Always Sets Up The Room. This made me feel obliged to attend meeting, even if I wasn't in the right frame of mind. I had therefore started to feel resentful and put upon. Anyway, starting a Zoom meeting is not much of a burden, especially as there's nowhere else I might be on a Sunday morning right now. I'm also reconnecting with Buddhism and, out of sight of the camera, during meeting I am quietly reading Old Path White Clouds by Thich Nhat Hanh. It's a very nicely written story of the Buddha's life and it's very calming to read.

Which brings me to the most exciting thing that's happened recently, the harvesting of the first crop of pea shoots.

Pea shoots

I ate some of them for lunch yesterday in a salad and I'm going to try the rest tonight stir fried as part of dinner.

After the Welsh class this morning, the day was spent doing useful but boring stuff. After a very long period of dry weather, we had rain today and the forecast looks more unsettled. I will have to make good use of any fine periods to go for walks and keep on with the garden tidying.

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