Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Achievement unlocked!

If I do nothing else today, it will have been a useful and productive day because I did the big weekly shop. The shelves in the Co-op are definitely filling up again and approaching normal. They even had cans of soup back on offer. The price was reduced if you bought 4, which I did. I will continue to make home-made soup, but it's nice to have some tins in the cupboard for G who always has soup. I eat a wider variety of things for lunch and if we've run out of home-made soup I'll eat a sandwich instead, but the tins will be handy for the days when I don't have the time, energy or ingredients to make more before lunch.

Yesterday was also productive. I might, finally, be getting the idea of how gardening works. Until the last year or so I've never had the time or the knowledge to do anything with the garden, other than keep the grass (mostly) tidy. I always used to think vaguely, "I really should do more gardening," but nothing ever came of it. It's finally dawned on me that you don't vaguely "do gardening", you decide on a specific task and then you go out to do it. This is why keeping the grass tidy has always been doable because it's a clearly defined activity.

So my first task as part of project Do More In the Garden will be to make a bed in which to plant the pea plants. These are sprouting up again after I took the first harvest. I'm supposed to be able to take another crop of sprouts before planting the peas outside so I now have a goal which is specific (create bed in which to plant peas) and has a deadline (when the peas are ready to plant out).

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