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Why does it feel like Saturday?

I did my usual Friday phone chat, crossword and word puzzle with my elderly friend M this morning, but despite that it's felt like Saturday all afternoon. Perhaps it's the amount of lawn mowing going on outside? Though as she's retired, our neighbour doesn't only mow the garden at weekends.

Anyway, I have realised a few useful things over the past couple of days.

1. I have been struggling to do the proof reading and program testing for G's book on the old and dying desktop computer. It finally dawned on me that now I have worked out how to connect the laptop to the nice big monitor, there is no reason why I can't do the book testing on there.

2. If the laptop is now going to be my main computer, then it's best if that's attached to the internet via the cable rather than relying on wifi. The desktop should have wifi for the limited things I will still be doing on it. If the wifi isn't good enough, it's not difficult to reconnect the ethernet cable.

3. I am finally getting to grips with Instagram I've even worked out how to post multiple photos in one post.

So my next job is to do half an hour of book proof reading/testing and also work on the script for my next video. I don't think the weather will be good enough to attempt to do it tomorrow morning. It's been windy all day and you don't want wind when photographing flowers and trees. But I need to be ready so that the first decent morning I can leap into action.

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