Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Living in interesting times

Over breakfast, I was mentally composing long ranty posts about Dominic Cummings blatantly flouting the lockdown rules during March and April. However, other people have written more eloquently about it than me, so I'll just say that none of Cummings' story about driving his sick wife and child to Durham so they'd have child care tallies with the touching article his wife wrote for the paper about how she played with her child building castles out of polystyrene while they self-isolated in London while Cummings lay ill in bed.

The whole thing is a tissue of lies and, you know what, they don't care. They obviously believe that rules -- rules that they made -- are for the little people, not for them. Cynics are even saying that breaking the lockdown and making everyone angry is a cunning ploy to get people to say, "If they're breaking the rules, no one's going to stop me doing what I like!" The idea is everyone will rush out and mingle, catch covid-19 and hasten the "herd immunity" which has been government policy all along. So what if a few thousand people die unnecessarily?

However, though that may be the reaction of some, Cummings behaviour and Downing Street's support of his actions have seriously pissed off some notable former supporters. I had the very disconcerting experience yesterday of being 100% behind tweets from not only Piers Morgan but also Julia Hartly-Brewer.

I think the next few days will be interesting. Has the Boris-Cummings partnership reached the end of the road? Will the Tories now replace Johnson with (e.g.) Gove as a steadier pair of hands? After all, Johnson has done everything they wanted him to do, namely "Got Brexit Done" and won them a huge majority in the commons. Do they need him any more?

The problem is, Gove is as much in thrall to Cummings as Johnson. They could "sack" Cummings and yet still have him there advising behind the scenes. After all, he has no official ministerial position to resign from. It's ironic that the people who voted Leave so we wouldn't be ruled by an unelected elite in Brussels have now ensured that we're ruled by an unelected elite in London.

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