Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

1000 steps landscape photography challenge

I've neglected LJ somewhat this week because I was busy editing my latest video. This is the fastest I've done one yet. Filmed on Monday, edited during the week and posted on Friday.

I was aiming to produce a video each month for my YouTube channel and I’ve just managed to post the latest one before May ends. The original idea of the channel has gone out of the window due to the current pandemic, but venturing out for a walk near home is permitted, so I was delighted to see a photography challenge posed by a Norwegian photographer.

You have to walk for exactly 1000 steps, no more, no less and wherever you end up, you take the best landscape photograph that you can.

So here’s my attempt at the 1000 steps landscape photography challenge. It was great fun and got me out with my camera at a time in the morning when I wouldn’t normally be leaving the house. Six thirty a.m. start!


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