Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Photo-a-day during June

As June is a 30-day month, I will be taking a photo every day and posting it to Flickr and LJ -- or at least I'll try to! I nearly forgot yesterday until quite late in the afternoon, so the first photo is just a quick shot of some of the flowers from my birthday bouquet from last weekend. I'd pulled out a few that had wilted, but the remainder will probably last another few days.

Birthday chrysanthemums

In other news, I have bought new bathroom scales. Our ancient one broke and I didn't replace it for quite a while but gradually realised that my weight was probably creeping up due to eating well during lockdown yet doing less exercise. Anyway I ordered a replacement, it arrived. I set it up on Sunday and weighed myself yesterday. It's much easier to read. The new scales have a large digital display. The ancient one was purely mechanical with a rotating dial and small divisions. The new, large, easy to read display reveals that I have indeed put on several pounds and so I need to basically eat a bit less and move a bit more to get back to a better weight for my height.

And in other other news, it's been a frustrating morning due to computers being difficult. I wanted to get a lot done, but the laptop, which had not been updating Windows due to G killing the automatic update sometime back in 2018, is now doing a meganormous update. After deciding he didn't want it updating, G decided on Monday that now I'm using the laptop as my main computer, it should really be getting all the Windows security patches and updates, so we delved into settings and asked it to find and install the new updates. That didn't take too long and I've been using it since, but I put it on this morning at around 8.30 a.m. and it's been updating all morning. It's now 10.45 a.m. and it's still only on 24%.

No problem, I thought, I have the first of the daily photos to process, upload and post. (I do that on the old desktop anyway, because that's the computer with the PhotoShop Elements.) But half way through uploading the 1000 steps photo, it told me there was no wifi. I re-started the router, but it still said there was no wifi. However the tablet could access wifi, so the computer was lying when it said there was something wrong. After a while of switching things off and then on again (router and computer) and then fiddling with settings and putting the wifi password in again, the desktop finally deigned to acknowledge that the wifi did exist and it was connected to the internet.

So a frustrating morning, but I will persevere...

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