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Not last night, stupid, tonight!

I'm typing this at Eastercon. As I was driving here, rather than going on public transport, I thought I may as well bring the laptop, just in case I wanted to do any writing and also so that I could try to keep up with my online activitites, instead of going back home after 4 days to find nine million messages and LJ posts.

The journey down yesterday was absolutely fine. As usual, all the holiday traffic was going the other way -- nose to tail at some points. This is one small benefits of living in a beautiful part of the world. (There are lots of downsides too, but I put up with those in order to experience the upsides.) I managed to stick to the A5 like glue and not get diverted off onto one of the many motorways it crossed at one of the many roundabouts. Checked into hotel and established self in single room. Drank several cups of tea and ate an orange and some nuts and crispbread, part of the supplies I've brought to eat for lunches. I find if I have a hotel breakfast and an evening meal, I don't really want a lunch as well because, let's face it, cons aren't very active events, lots of sitting around talking. So a snack suffices. Venturing out into the con again, I went to the opening ceremony and after that I browsed around the dealers' room and found a couple of people I know from way back to chat to. Then I ran into autopope and Charlie Allery. Charlie then introduced me to two new people Tina and Marion, also writers at about the same level of publishedness as me, i.e. sold a few short stories, but can't make the breakthrough with a novel.

Then there was talking, a programme item (Getting Published). I have notes on this, but haven't had time to type them up yet. Perhaps later?

After this came more talking and dinner and having a couple of drinks, until I went to bed around midnight. There was a time when I would stay up late at cons, but now, wary of turning, if not into a pumpkin, at least into a tired and frazzled llygoden, I make sure I don't stay up past midnight.

Then I woke up this morning and thought, "Oh, it's an hour later than you think. Better get a move on." I put the kettle on and I decided to try to connect to the Internet. I don't have this newfangled wireless technology, but I had thought to bring the phone lead for the computer. After a false start, in which my computer managed to dial reception, I added the necessary 9 to the dial-up number and it worked excellently. I reset my watch, thinking I'd better start scampering down in search of breakfast, when, belatedly, my brain said, "Why didn't the computer update the time automatically when you switched it on?" And that's when I finally remembered that today is Saturday. It's tonight that the hour moves forward for British Summer time. Doh....

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