Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Language update

This month I will be keeping up my Welsh. I've reached the point where I pretty much think of myself as bilingual as I'm just using Welsh as part of everyday life. However, I've decided to give up learning Spanish and start learning Italian instead.

The main reason is that the motivation vanished due to the covid-19 pandemic. My idea had been to learn enough Spanish to get by on a trip to Spain. I thought a holiday in Spain during the winter to get a bit of sunshine would be a good way to combat SAD. Our daughter regularly has short breaks in Spain and we could have organised a mother and daughter break. But that was really the only compelling reason for Spanish and who knows when I'll feel it's safe to travel again?

However, I have more reasons to learn Italian. We are big fans of Montalbano and are currently re-watching both the original series and the spin off Young Montalbano. My cousin married a Sicilian and she posts Italian stuff on Facebook. I also have an Italian friend who is always posting links to things in Italian. We eat Italian food, drink Italian wine...

So why didn't I choose Italian before? The main reason for trying Spanish (other than thinking I could go there on holiday) was because there's a Say Something in Spanish course and they haven't done Italian yet. My current subscription covered the Spanish course so it was free. But I haven't done a SSiS lesson for months. So instead I've started Italian with Busuu and will see how I get on.

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