Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Early morning by the river

I have been taking a photo-a-day, but due to trying a different computer arrangement, it's proved difficult to edit them. I thought that as the laptop is now my main working computer, I'd attach it to the internet via the ethernet cable and let the desktop use the wifi. However the desktop kept losing the connection and, bizarrely, the laptop seems to prefer using wifi, so I've now gone back to the arrangement I had before which does also make it easier to swap between the two. So much for that experiment...

5/30 for my photo-a-day in June
23/52 for the group 2020 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: W is for Wish

I really wish I could go to the beach, but it's 10 miles away and here in Wales we're still supposed to stay local and exercise near home. I'll have to make do with this "beach" by the river.

As the weather has been so dry, there are more pebbles visible than usual. This was another 1000 steps landscape photo. I didn't make a video this time, but otherwise I stuck to the rules which were devised by Oddbjørn Austevik.

I am wondering whether I can justify buying a new DSLR with the live view screen. My Canon 450D only has a viewfinder. It displays the photo after you've taken it, but you have to get your eye to the viewfinder to compose a shot. I was very low for this and my knees complained when I tried to stand up again. Anyway, here's the photo.

Morning by the river

I'll start catching up with the other June photos tomorrow and post two per day until I'm back on track.

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