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Yesterday started really well. Because we are now allowed to meet someone from another household, as long as we don't travel outside our local area[*], I walked up to see my elderly friend. She sat just outside her front door and I sat the required 2 metres away on the other side of her porch. We did the crossword and zygolex word puzzle and had a nice chat.

After visiting M, I walked back down the hill and made a slight diversion to the EuroSpar, which is our other supermarket. I usually shop at the Co-op, but they didn't have leeks again or G's favourite cereal. The shop was fairly quiet. I was the only person wearing a face mask, but wearing one is starting to feel more normal, so I don't worry about it. I did get leeks and a bottle of beer and some of the really nice Perl Wen cheese, but sadly there was no Fruit & Fibre.

Then I arrived home and G said our neighbour had phoned to see if I could help her with her lawnmower which had stopped working. By now I was tired and wanted my lunch, but I went next door and had a look at the lawnmower from a distance. I was annoyed with G for not telling the neighbour that I know nothing about lawnmowers. Admittedly I used to fix our lawnmower (not the current one) which developed a faulty switch, but there was no way I was doing electrical repairs for someone else. I explained to neighbour that it could be something as simple as a loose wire, but I really didn't want the responsibility of messing with someone else's electrical appliance. Eventually I managed to extricate myself and went and had lunch.

Then the fun began...

The laptop wanted to do a new Windows update and when it had finished the mouse wouldn't work.

There then ensued a couple of hours of struggling to roll back the updates, googling for help and, finally, after trying with a different mouse and trying to restore the mouse drivers, discovering that the problem wasn't the mouse. The problem was that the computer wasn't recognising the USB ports. This was actually the key to solving the problem because more googling revealed how to check the USB drivers and suddenly everything was back to normal. While the laptop was busy un-updating itself, I wondered whether I could have another go at working out what was wrong with the desktop. I was pretty sure it was a problem with the hard drive, but I'd run a disk checking routine that said it was OK and it didn't need defragging. And then a vague memory stirred. I remembered I used to run CHKDSK years ago. Could one do this in Windows 10?

Googling said you could, so I did and it began checking the drive. It did that usual Windows thing where it has a progress bar and estimated time of completion.

00:02:14.... 00:01:57... Then it suddenly said "39 days".

What? I said and at that moment a message told me there was an error and I should run the other disk checking and correction thing.

I did and after a long time it said it had fixed the problem. And indeed, it does seem to have cured the slowness and the hanging with "not responding" messages.

So this morning was spent re-installing the updates on the laptop, with a now perfectly functional mouse. I then updated the files on the now usable desktop computer and, touch wood, I'm back to using just one computer for everything again. It has certainly behaved itself today for a variety of tasks.

[*] Welsh rules, not English rules which have been very much relaxed. Suggested radius 5 miles, but if you live in the back of beyond, use your common sense as to what "local" means.

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