Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Unintended consequences

Some racist scum painted what was obviously intended to be a swastika on the garage door of a black family who live in a village in North Wales. Here's a link to an interview with Margaret Ogunbanwo in English and another in Welsh. (Yes, she and her children are Welsh speakers.)

Except what the person had painted wasn't actually the Nazi symbol. They had unintentionally painted the symbol of divinity and spirituality used in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The Nazi symbol, the Hakenkreuz, is reversed and tilted at an angle.

Here is an example of the original Buddhist swastika in a temple in South Korea. I have to admit that it did seem weird to walk down a street and see buildings adorned with a symbol we in the West have been taught to abhor.

Temple pigs

Anyway, a lot of positivity has come from the racist graffiti. There is now a plan to hide the swastika, rather than simply washing it off, by making a piece of community art. Also Margaret Ogunbanwo runs a small business selling spices and sauces and people have rushed to support her by buying her products and sending messages of good will. I intend to buy some myself in the future, but right now many of the lines are sold out due to the sudden demand!

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