Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Weather better, not raining today

Cheerful news. I have successfully changed the battery in my watch and our grandson has been awarded a Blue Peter badge for sending in a painting[*].

The battery died in my everyday watch a while ago, but it was lockdown and so I couldn't travel to the next town where there is a jeweller who fixes watches. Even if I had disregarded the rules and driven there, the shop wouldn't have been open.

I have therefore been wearing my best watch, which though much nicer than the everyday watch has a couple of problems. It was a special gift from my daughter for my 60th birthday and I'm always worried about damaging it when doing stuff and it has a very minimalist dial, so telling the time accurately is not easy. So eventually I decided to see if I could change the battery myself.

Step one was to remove the back of the everyday watch, which I managed successfully. Using the hand lens (x10 magnification) I could read the teeny weeny numbers and letter and thus order the correct battery from Amazon. The pack of two arrived this morning and with a bit of fiddling, I managed to put the battery in place and get the back on again.

It seems to be keeping correct time, so that was a win.

[*] For non-UK readers, Blue Peter is a very long-running children's TV programme. Here's more about the badges...

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