Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Trees are so calming

Before the pandemic, G used to walk to Barmouth (our nearest seaside town 10 miles away) and then catch the bus back. Not wanting to use public transport during the lockdown, he found a new walk. Instead of walking the whole length of the Mawddach Trail to the coast, he discovered that you could leave the trail and follow the paths through some beautiful mature woodland. When you've lived in a place for over 40 years, you think you have explored all the local possibilities, but he'd been walking past this gate into the woods for years and never thought to see what lay beyond.

Map & gate

Now I can't walk as far as G can. After a certain distance, which varies depending on speed, which shoes I'm wearing, and the hardness of the ground, my feet start to hurt. But we came up with a plan. G would set off walking and 20 minutes later, I would set off on my bike. We would rendezvous at the gate into the wood where I would lock the bike to a tree and G would show me the interesting things he had found.

The plan worked beautifully. I must visit the woods again on my own with my DSLR and a tripod because it's perfect for woodland photography. As this was a first visit, I just snapped a few photos on my phone. Here is the first viewpoint.

Mawddach Estuary

The picnic table has carvings of animal footprints, creatures that you might possibly see in the wood.

Picnic table with carved animal footprints

There were more interesting things to see...

A bench with a buzzard at one end, but what is at the other end?

Buzzard bench

The carved buzzard.

Carved Buzzard

And a little mouse!

Wood mouse sculpture

We walked through the woods and then rejoined the Mawddach Trail where the river Gwynant joins the estuary. We walked back to where I'd left the bike and I cycled home with Graham following on foot. We must do this again as there are more paths and more things of interest to see in the wood.

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