Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

A productive day

This morning was spent in a Zoom meeting. First we had our virtual Quaker meeting. It may seem odd sitting in silence in an online meeting, but it works reasonably well and it means we can all keep in touch. Those older members who aren't online sit quietly in their own homes and join us in spirit. We then have a quick catch up chat and pass on news.

The meeting this morning was longer than usual because our Local Meeting is hosting the Area Meeting next Sunday, which will also be on Zoom. Because we'll need extra time for that, I've paid for a month of Zoom (to be claimed back from the Area Treasurer). Previously we just used the free version which throws you out after 40 minutes. That's fine for our weekly local meeting, but not for the much bigger Area Meeting. Because we need to do some practice and planning, we were joined by some people from the neighbouring meeting.

Then, after lunch, I made jam from the jostaberries I picked yesterday. After a couple of years with no fruit, there was just a pound of berries. But it's made two jars of jam, so it was worth doing. I'll do a jam photoshoot tomorrow.

Also yesterday I showed a local gardener round our unkempt front and back garden. I have finally admitted that I need help with the grass cutting as it's hard work and tedious. I reasoned that if someone else does the routine stuff, I can try actually growing things to eat and plant some flowers to make the garden look nicer. At the moment just keeping things vaguely tidy takes all my time because if the weather is nice, I'd usually rather go out for a walk than do gardening. Also, T is qualified to deal with trees and does things like paths and decking. He seems easy to get on with and also amenable to working on things gradually. This is exactly what I was looking for, so I hope we'll have a productive working relationship and I will have a garden I don't feel ashamed of.

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