Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

A quick catch up

Last week felt very busy because I had extra Zoom meetings on the Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to plan what turned out to be a 3 hour Zoom meeting that I hosted on Sunday afternoon. These were Quaker meetings. If it weren't for the pandemic, our Local Quaker Meeting would have been hosting the Area Meeting last weekend. We normally hire the village hall, but instead I paid for a month of professional Zoom so we weren't limited to the 40 minutes you get with the free version.

I then felt tired and didn't do much on Monday, other than relax.

On Tuesday (i.e. yesterday) we devised a plan to go and visit a local beauty spot. G goes for really long walks. Usually 10 miles or even more. My feet can't cope with those distances, so we did the same as when we went to the coast last week. G set off at 9 a.m. and I set off later in the car. It didn't work quite so well this time because we were supposed to meet at 12.00 and I planned to get there just before 11.30 so I could have a short walk beside the lake. But I'd barely reached the lake before I met G coming along the path! So I didn't get my walk, but I did get a breath of fresh air and a visit to one of my favourite places. I hadn't been there for a couple of years, so a change of scene was nice.

Selfie at the Cregennen Lakes

Then in the afternoon, I did some decluttering of papers. There's a Really Useful Box TM currently full of papers cleared from Dad's house before he moved into the care home. It's taken some time since his death for me to be in the right frame of mind to go through them. Some I want to keep, like the detailed plans of two of the houses where we used to live in Manchester. I suspect they were done when he and mum were buying the shop because the first house I remember and the shop are on the same sheet. Other papers can be shredded, however, such as all the paperwork relating to the shower Dad had installed in his bungalow in 2008. I've done perhaps one quarter of the box, so I'll try to do a bit here and there through this week.

And then this morning was the Welsh chat. We all seemed a bit tired at first and the conversation took a while to get going, but after a slow start, we chatted for 1.5 hours. It's a good way to keep in touch and also pass on local information about which shops are reopening etc.

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