Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Quick update

The days just seem to disappear without anything much constructive being done. Though I did do a Busuu Italian lesson today. I'm finding it much better then Duolingo. Some years ago I did briefly try Duolingo Italian, but couldn't remember a thing after a lesson. A few phrases are sticking with the Busuu lessons, however. I'm also going to try using it to revive the French I did at school.

Otherwise life continues with the same routine: Welsh chat via Skype on Wednesday morning, Co-op weekly food shop on Thursday morning, walk up to see my elderly friend on Friday morning (weather permitting), Zoom Quaker meeting Sunday morning.

Tomorrow, as the weather is forecast to be fine, G and I are planning to do the meet up at the gate to the woods thing again. I'll give him a head start then follow on my bike. With luck there will be photos.

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