Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Weekly shopping trip

I visited the EuroSpar today, as well as the Co-op. They have things the Co-op don't have, but sadly they didn't have the Perl Wen soft cheese that I like. I did, however, get an apple pie and some little fruit tarts as well as eggs and G's favourite cereal (Fruit & Fibre). I was the only person wearing a mask in EuroSpar.

Then I went on to the Co-op. Initially I was the only one in a mask, but then a couple more mask-wearers came in. It was a little busier than previous weeks (I was there a little later), but still possible to social distance. As well as food I got a birthday card and Amazon voucher for smallest granddaughter. I'll post it tomorrow when I walk up to see M. I would have nipped into town with it today, but it's raining hard.

I then ordered two pairs of jeans and two shirts for G. I threw away a pair of terribly worn jeans a few weeks ago and his shirts are looking very worn. I know he's not working now but now lockdown has eased, we hope to start having days out and I don't want him looking like a tramp! Both the shirts and the jeans had a discount. I think if you are looking for bargains, now is a good time.

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