Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Venturing further afield

Last Wednesday I did the Skype virtual cafe chat for the Welsh group and then we set off with a packed lunch to drive to Maentwrog. The first two car parks we tried were full, but the third one had space. We therefore didn't walk through the oak woods by the lake, but headed off up through a different area of woods. It was very pleasant and nice to go somewhere totally new, even if it wasn't far from home.

We saw about 6 people. A younger couple with a dog and two women with four dogs between them, also another couple getting into their car at a point where the forestry track crossed a small road.

We headed up to what was shown as a lake on the map, but it's not really a lake any more.


However, I don't recommend trying to walk across that area as it's very likely just a floating mat of vegetation with water underneath!

There was a tiny bit of water visible at one end.


This was the view as we sat and ate our cheese and biscuits.

The whole walk was only about 2.5 miles, but it was nice to get out and we avoided the crowded touristy areas.

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