Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

I have reached Bagend!

For some years (many years?) I have been doing the Eowyn Challenge to walk all the distances in the Lord of the Rings. I had taken the precaution of saving all the html files in case the website disappeared and I have copies on my computer for reference, but the originals are still there.

The cycle ride and walk I did yesterday meant that I have finally reached Bagend with the Hobbits after travelling to Mount Doom and back. However, before I do the sad journey to the Grey Havens, I'm going to backtrack and do Aragorn's journey from Rauros Falls to Isengard.

I don't wear a Fitbit or similar, so I only record miles actually travelled under my own power whilst outdoors. My target is to finish by May 2021. If I continue cycling (which results in much higher mileage), I may do it sooner, but usually bad weather and feelings of lethargy mean there are some weeks when I don't make much progress. Here's where the next leg of the walk starts.

The breaking of the Fellowship: Boromir has been slain whilst trying to defend the Hobbits. Pippin and Merry have been captured by orcs. Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli return to Parth Galen, lay Boromir in one of the boats and send it over Rauros Falls. Seeing that Sam and Frodo have gone east, Aragorn chooses to rescue Merry and Pippin...

I used to post about my progress. I may do that again, just occasionally, just when I reach a new interesting point.

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