Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

During the last few days...

On Saturday I went out doing field work with G and S.

Full report (with pictures) can be read here...

On Sunday and today I pottered about, not doing very much, apart from doing some light holiday reading, updating my web page, re-stocking the fridge and food cupboard and completing a piece of writing that might see the light of day here shortly.

The Eyre Affair

Today I finished reading The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. I thought this was a wonderful romp. Fforde doesn't put a foot wrong throughout all the twists and turns of the complex plot. Everything is set up well (including the way the first person narrator's dad saves her life at one point by his unexpected appearance) and all the plot strands are tied up at the end. The situation is surreal, but Fforde doesn't waste time with explanations, just launches in and inclues everything as the story progresses. Excellent use of "quotes" at the beginning of each chapter. The characters are likeable and sketched economically. Though some are larger than life, they never descend to caricature.

The scenes in Jane Eyre, interwoven with the "real world" narrative, are brilliant. His Rochester is spot on and the "revised" ending is wonderfully explained. Definitely an author to watch. I am now reading the sequel Lost in a Good Book

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