Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

The shopping news

Please skip if you aren't interested. I'm recording these shopping trips more for my own benefit than anything else. For one reason it's the only time I go near other people indoors, so I want to keep a record of where I went and when.

We're going to meet our son and daughter plus their families tomorrow (in the middle of Wales in a forest) so I needed to get more diesel. You can tell how little driving I've done this year because I topped up the tank to about 3/4 full just before lockdown happened in mid-March it was still only just below half. Anyway, it's now full, so no need to worry about needing to buy diesel tomorrow.

The first place I visited was the EuroSpar. This smallish supermarket actually won the Radio 4 Food Programme's shop of the year back in around 2012. They have things the Co-op don't have, especially local produce. I bought leeks (which the Co-op just don't have for some reason), some pork, bacon and gammon (which are rather nicer than what the Co-op has), Fruit & Fibre, eggs from a local producer and the Perl Wen cheese. Oh, and an apple pie because the Co-op have only had cherry pies, though of course today they did have apple, but never mind.

Next I filled up the car and then went on to the Co-op. There were more people wearing masks today. Either locals have taken to wearing them to protect against the hordes of tourists arriving from covid-ridden areas, or it's the more respectful English tourists who are wearing them because they are compulsory in England in shops, but not in Wales. In this particular case, the English rules are stricter than the Welsh ones. Anyway, out of the 6 of us in the queue for the checkout, 3 of us were in masks.

Then home to unpack and squeeze all the food into the cupboard, fridge and Really UsefulTM boxes. I'm trying to rotate the food so that the new shelf-stable items go into a box and I get the older packages and tins out and put them in the cupboard. Though the shops are back to normal regarding the pandemic supply problems, I'm maintaining my stockpile in anticipation of a crash out No Deal Brexit. :-(

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