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Renewing the woodland

I did another combined cycle and walk in order to explore the Abergwynant woods with my husband. I'd given him about 25 minutes head start but then overtook him well before the agreed meeting point, which was further along the Mawddach Trail than the last time we did this rendezvous and explore a wood together thing. You see, I'd got stuck behind a couple of very slow cyclists for a while, and though I managed to pass them at the point where the trail crosses the road, I thought I was going to be late so cycled as fast as I could to make up time. Anyway, by the time I had managed to chain the bike to a tree and taken some photos of the estuary, I didn't have long to wait.

Mawddach Estuary

Strictly speaking, we shouldn't have entered the woods at that point because they are clearing the conifers and replanting with native broadleaved trees to restore the traditional oak forest and the gate is locked with a warning about felling operations. However, they haven't been working their since lockdown began, so we climbed the gate and had a lovely walk around a 1 mile circuit of small paths and forestry tracks.

Any existing deciduous trees are being left and the conifers cut down.

Forest track

It looks a bit of a mess at the moment, but once the project is complete, the new native trees will soon grow. Regarding the felling work, we knew that it was safe to walk in the forest because everywhere was silent. Felling trees is not something you can do silently!

Clearing conifers

A pile of logs awaiting collection. G says at the WR on the end of one of the logs stands for Western Fir.

Logs ready for transport

There is still more of the woodland to explore, so there will be more expeditions to come.

[Written on 10 August and backdated because I wanted it to show on the right date.]

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