Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Thunder and lightning!

It was so hot and clammy last night. US friends will probably laugh because UK hot is nothing like US hot, but it's too hot for me.

Anyway, I was expecting the gardener to come, as arranged, to cut back the tangle of trees that has grown up at the front of the house, bordering the road. We want to keep some trees for privacy (one holly and the hazel bushes), but the thicket is getting out of control and beyond what I can deal with myself. Squirrels have been planting acorns which have grown into oak saplings! The gardener's arrival was going to clash with me being online in the Welsh chat group's Skype meeting, but then he phoned to say he'd forgotten about a dentist appointment and so would come in the afternoon instead.

The Welsh chat went well. We talked about the weather (of course!), where we'd been recently, and then we ended up talking about our weddings, how little we'd spent on them and where we'd been on our modest honeymoons.

After lunch, TE (the gardener) turned up and after explaining what needed doing, we arranged that he would come back tomorrow because it was more than a couple of hour's work. Then after putting the recycling bins out, I felt tired and ended up reading Twitter on my phone while a spectacular storm rumbled around us. It literally was all around, but didn't come too close, so we could hear the thunder rumbling and rolling around the hills from the storm focused on the top of our nearby mountain. It's odd because yesterday the storm went up the coast and later another storm went past to the east. So far we have avoided having a storm right on top of us.

I was going to write up the day we spent last Friday seeing our son and daughter and their families but the photos are on the desktop and I'm typing this on the laptop and I was too tired anyway. I'll see if I can do it tomorrow.
Tags: garden

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