Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Trees have been tidied

Still hot!

TE (the gardener) came and trimmed and thinned the trees at the front of the house. The front wall looks ever so much better now it's just ivy clad, rather than covered in a tangle of ivy and brambles. I had picked some blackberries from the brambles a day or so ago, which we ate in a crumble last night. There are plenty more brambles in the back garden if I want any more blackberries to forage. :-)

I plan to do more garden tidying myself now, but we have a fairly big project for TE to do in the autumn. Who knows, one day I might actually have a proper garden instead of a small jungle?

Tomorrow we are off to Montgomery to meet my brother and his wife who are staying in Church Stretton.
Tags: garden

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