Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

A lovely cool breeze!

The weather was very hot and clammy today, but as I've been sitting at the computer with the open window next to me, it has gradually turned cooler. I hope I'll sleep better tonight.

Anyway, today was another day to meet family. My brother texted earlier in the week to say he and his wife were staying in a rented cottage in Church Stretton, which is just over the border in England. Could I suggest somewhere to meet up? G suggested Montgomery and so we did that today.

I reckoned the journey would taken about 1.5 hours (less for them) but we set off at 9 a.m. planning to arrive at the agreed meeting time of 11 a.m. It's just as well I factored in a 30 minute allowance for possibly getting lost and also finding somewhere to park because the road we took to Montgomery was closed. G thought he'd seen a "Road Closed" sign, but it was just discreetly placed at the side of the road and we'd gone quite a few miles and were not far from our destination when we came to a roadblock with a young man who explained there were road works ahead and we'd have to go back and find another route. We did this, but they were small lanes with high banks and hedges on either side and mostly single track with passing places. However, we did arrive with 10 minutes to spare and found a parking space in the town square.

A and C arrived shortly after and we had a walk to the castle, which is Norman and just a ruin. It was pretty busy, so we went on across a few fields to the old hill fort where we ate our picnic lunch before completing the circular walk and ending up back in the centre of the town.

The views would have been beautiful if the weather hadn't been weirdly misty and clammy. Some mist makes for wonderful photos, but not the strange grey pall that was hanging over the hills today.

View from the hill fort. G said the thing on the hill in the distance is a war memorial.

View from the hill fort

This little chap decided to sit on my boot while I sat and ate my sandwiches.


We came back a different way, via Welshpool so as to avoid having to repeat the slow drive along the narrow lane. I haven't been that way for many years, so it made a nice change.

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