Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Nipping into town

Today I did something that used to be routine, but that I haven't been doing since the pandemic began, namely walking quickly into town to do a couple of simple errands.

I have settled on a routine of doing a big weekly shop on Thursdays and normally do anything extra in town, such as dropping off a prescription renewal, on Friday when I walk up to see my elderly friend M. However, due to driving to Montgomery to meet my brother, I didn't walk through town on Friday so had to take my prescription into Boots this morning to ensure that I can pick up the tablets before next Saturday.

The weather is really unpredictable at the moment and a horrendous storm had been forecast for later today. They have now decided that won't happen and it will just be wet with the rain starting late morning. I therefore checked what time Boots opened and walked in to be there just after 9 a.m. I donned my mask on approaching the town square but didn't even need to enter the shop as one of the assistants had emerged to put out the "Queue here" sign and she took my prescription in for me.

As I was in town, I had hoped that the little greengrocers under the arches would be open as I fancy having a go at the Jollof rice this week and needed some red onion and some fresh carrots, but it was shut. It might be open later, but I needed to finish my shopping before the rain started and wasn't going to hang about. So after a moment of indecision, I walked on to the Co-op and bought what I needed there. This reminded me to select the week's offers on the Co-op app, something I've forgotten to do for the last couple of weeks. They stopped all special offers for some months due to covid and possible shortages, but recently restarted, except now I'm out of the habit of checking to see what I can get a price reduction on.

So now it's raining quite hard, it's quite a bit cooler, I've put a cardigan on and I have the rest of the day to work on indoor tasks.

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