Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Lost and found

The early part of this morning was spent losing and finding things.

First I finally decided that I wasn't going to start a compost bin any time soon so the pile of boxes that has been sitting in the conservatory could be given to our neighbour who has an ongoing landfill project at the bottom of her garden. Moving the boxes revealed part of my food stash that I'd forgotten about. I was sure I had more jars of instant coffee and washing-up liquid, but couldn't think what I'd done with them after moving everything out of the upstairs cupboard into the Really Useful BoxesTM in the kitchen, but there they were in a box under the empty boxes!

Then I decided I needed to start using the netipot again due to uncomfortable sinuses. I'd put it away at the back of the big kitchen cupboard, so I knew where it was, but there was no sign of the spoon with the long thin handle that measures the correct amount of salt and is then used to stir the solution in the narrow necked pot. I looked at the back of the cupboard, but could not see it. I searched a few other places and even moved the cooker out to see if the spoon had fallen down between the cooker and the cupboard. I mean I was sure I would have rescued it at the time if that had happened, but by now I was running out of places to look. Anyway, it did enable me to rescue another long lost spoon and a plastic lid.

Eventually I went back to the beginning and took the various storage baskets out of the big cupboard and there, sure enough, exactly where I'd looked in the first place was the spoon, nestled amongst some other items.

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