Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Just sinusitis

I felt quite ill yesterday evening with a headache and stuffed up nose. I was fairly sure it was just a flare up of the sinusitis that I get at least once a year, but of course my mind went into panic mode. Could it be covid? Or if not covid, could it be a cold? But if it was a cold, who had I caught it from? And if I had caught a cold, that meant that my precautions against picking up covid weren't working.

However, after a night of not very good sleep, I attacked the infection this morning with Olbas Oil inhalation, pungent catarrh lozenges and the netipot. I now feel pretty much back to normal, but will continue with the inhaling and nasal washing for a day or so yet, just to be sure.

Annoyingly, I have now missed the window of opportunity to go out and shoot another video, but another nice day will come around eventually...

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