Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

The weekly shopping news

The three Really Useful BoxesTM are full of non-perishable food, as is the cupboard next to the cooker. I therefore really only needed fresh food from the Co-op this week. I didn't visit EuroSpar either as I still have eggs and some nice cheese left and an unopened packet of Fruit & Fibre.

I managed to go shortly after 8.30 a.m., so it was quiet and, as I didn't need a huge amount, the shopping didn't take as long. I was therefore back before it started raining.

After that I haven't done very much today as I felt a bit wobbly this morning. The tail end of the sinus infection probably. I also possibly had what was a very very mild migraine. Not a headache, but a feeling of being slightly distant and with slight visual disturbance. Anyway, I think I'm fine again now.

Having said I didn't do much, I have completed all the backing up of the files off the old computer, so tomorrow I will set up the new one and start the tedious job of installing all the software I use and getting everything organised as I like it.

I think I mentioned the other day that I'd bought some spices from Maggie's Exotic Foods. I tried the Jollof Rice last week and it was very good indeed. Definitely something I will do again. Last night we had the Pirate Stew spices with beef. It ended up not as strongly spiced as I expected, so I'll be a little more generous next time, but definitely another dish to have again. So now in addition to cooking Indian-ish and Italian-ish food, I can also do African-ish dishes!

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