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Almost there!

I have installed software on the new computer. At least 17 programs yesterday and I added a couple more today. Miraculously all my favourite old programs run OK. I also managed to download the drivers for the printer and that works too. The only thing left to do tomorrow is switch off the Norton virus checker that came pre-installed and install Kaspersky which is what we normally use.

The only thing I couldn't install was Microsoft Office. I have the discs...

Old versions of MS Office

Office 2000 and Office 2010, but they're both the educational editions. I could try to install Office 2010, which was still working fine on my old computer, but I wouldn't be able to complete the installation because you have to confirm with Microsoft that you are a teacher or student. So a) I am no longer an OU tutor or a student who would qualify and b) as the offer was from 10 years ago, I don't think it would work any more, even if I could persuade Bangor to give me a student number because I'm on a Welsh for Adults course. Instead I've installed Libre Office, which I think will be fine. I used to be a heavy user of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access because I taught the software and also used it to create handouts and teaching materials. I also used to be writing assignments and stories, but I'm sure I'll manage with Libre Office now my needs are much more modest.

The next question is the keyboard. I have been using this keyboard for at least 25 years...

Ancient keyboard

It's probably even older than that because it came from our local nuclear power station. When they started decommissioning it in the mid-90s they donated a load of computers and other stuff to the centre where I was teaching IT to adults. I used the keyboard at work and rather liked it, so when the college closed that centre and moved the classes to the main college, as the old equipment was just going to be scrapped, I acquired one of the ancient clackety keyboards and have used it ever since. As you can see, it's taken a bit of ingenuity and a couple of adaptors to keep it working.

I'm typing this on the keyboard that came with the computer, but I suspect that in a few days time I will have plugged in the old one. This isn't a bad keyboard and it's wireless so the desk is less cluttered, but I recently bought a new mouse which I'd like to carry on using and G's keyboard is dying and the letters have all rubbed off, so if I did carry revert to my old one, he could have this one and a new mouse.

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