Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

The last step has been completed, or has it...?

Today I screwed up my courage and uninstalled the Norton antivirus that came pre-installed and downloaded and installed the Kaspersky that we normally use.

Why did I need to feel brave? Well, not the last change of computer but the one before that, I managed to install Kaspersky without removing whatever virus checker came with the computer. I really thought I'd wrecked it because it was running with glacial slowness, but eventually it responded to my commands and I sorted the problem out.

Ever since then, I've felt nervous about switching virus checkers. However, this time everything went very smoothly. I just uninstalled Norton and ran the Kaspersky install. It also accepted the licence key without any quibbling.

So now the only question is, do I need all the fonts that I forgot to copy from the old computer? I acquired several floppy diskfuls of fonts many years ago and have copied them from computer to computer ever since. But what do I need them for now? When I was teaching, I used to do lots of fancy stuff, including teaching basic DTP, but I don't do that now.

Decisions, decisions...

And I've just realised that I'll no longer have the simple Microsoft DTP program that I used to produce an annual calendar to keep on my desk and also my business cards for my YouTube channel. I'm sure I can find alternatives. This is why I put off buying a new computer for so long, though I think setting up this one has been done in record time. External drives with a large capacity make life so much easier.

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