Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

One thing per day

Some years ago we heard someone on the radio talking about how slow and difficult it was to get things done in India due to the bureaucracy. They reckoned if they achieved one thing each day, they were doing well. A few weeks ago I adopted the same strategy. I have a habit of making a list of all the things I think I should do during the day. Of course I'm lucky to do half of them and then I feel demoralised because of all the things I didn't do. But now, as long as I've done the one task that was the Designated Task for the Day, I can count the day as a success.

So today's task was to get a new micro SIM for the iPhone 7 that our daughter has passed on to us after upgrading to a newer model. G hates mobile phones but admits that he ought to carry one when he goes of alone on his long walks. He had a flip phone that was also a hand-me-down from our daughter and which had been my main phone for quite a while until I upgraded to a semi-smart phone. Anyway, the flip phone got to the point where it wouldn't hold a charge long enough, so I bought a really cheap (£14) dumb phone which I thought would be easy for G to use.

It wasn't. I can use it, but I had a dumb phone years ago and understand how the simple menus work on the tiny screen. G has managed to make a couple of calls with it, but it really wasn't right for him,.hence us jumping at the offer of the iPhone. However, it needs a different SIM, much smaller than the one that's in the dumb phone. After investigating the menus on the Vodafone site, I discovered I couldn't just order one, I had to communicate with an actual person via the text chat.

I've used the Vodafone text chat before and found it very effective. Today's operator was really really slow with long pauses between responses. I don't know whether she was trying to deal with more than on query at a time, but I managed to complete the Codeword puzzle in the Independent news app and do a few rows of crochet while waiting for responses. Eventually the order for a new SIM was sorted out, despite her saying there was a discrepancy over my address.

Just a slight digression...

Some years ago my Vodafone account somehow became merged with another person's account. She lived in Yorkshire and my phone number and login somehow got entangled with her address and some other account details. I eventually sorted it all out, but when today's help person mentioned my address, I instantly thought that some of that old information was still attached to my account.

Anyway, the order went through and the SIM should turn up shortly. After the chat was complete and I'd filled in the feedback form, I logged into my account to see what the problem was over the address. It turns out that the "discrepancy" was that my address had been previously entered all in lower case and the space was missing from the postcode. For my non-British readers, a UK postcode is of the form AB11 1CD. Whoever had sorted out the account when it had got entangled with someone else's details had note entered the space and that had triggered a "There is a difference in the address in the account and the address the customer has just given you!" message.

Sigh... But I did achieve my One Thing for today. :-)

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