Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Soooo tired...

I was really tired today, but it's nothing to worry about, it's just that I've had a couple of days of doing physically tiring things.

The first tiring day was Sunday. My husband used to walk to the nearby seaside town and get the bus back, but since covid, we've avoided public transport so he took to walking along the old railway line that is now a footpath and bike trail and then entering some woodland and walking around the paths there. However, during the high winds a couple of weeks ago, a tree came down across one of his favourite routes. So we hatched a plan...

As I mentioned in my previous post, they are felling the conifers to regenerate those parts of the wood with native trees. Some parts are old natural forest, but there had been a period when the fast growing conifers were planted too. This means that parts of the forest are currently off-limits due to the felling operations, but the path we needed to reach meant entering that area. Hence why we chose a Sunday afternoon when no one would be working.

I don't think it's illegal to go and clear a footpath on someone's land, but we thought it was better to do it by stealth, rather risk being challenged and having to enter into lengthy explanations, especially as they're not actually public footpaths (a legal definition) and are instead just paths provided to give access to National Park woodland.

First we drove to the forest gate nearest the blocked path, but there was nowhere to park. What we remembered as an empty and abandoned yard now contained an occupied cabin and there were people around. Even if we'd parked in the layby on the main road, the gate into the forest was locked and we weren't going to climb over in full view of onlookers. So we parked on the verge of the drive leading to a farm with a campsite. We actually know the owners so we could have driven further and parked by the river, but it's years since we'd been that way, so we played it safe and walked through the camping field and down to the estuary.

The drive has amazing giant redwood trees.

Giant redwoods

Looking up.

Giant redwood

They were probably planted by the owners of the nearby hall, not the farmer as it's the sort of thing owners of grand houses do.

Approaching the area where the foresters are working. Piles of logs waiting to be taken away.

Log piles

And here is the problem...

Fallen tree

It took an hour and a quarter of hard work with the bush saw and the smaller saw. G mostly did the sawing while I dragged the branches away and stacked them neatly at the side of the path.

And here is the result!

Cleared path

The path is clear once again.

Then, after the strenuous day on Sunday, yesterday we walked the route that will be my next video. It's a recently created walk on private land, but the Nannau Estate have made a permissive path which enables you to cross the historic deer park. It's not all that long a walk, but it involves walking down all the way out which of course means climbing the hill to return to the car park. I didn't take any pictures, but it was useful to see the route so as soon as I've fully recovered enough, I'll pick a day to make the video.

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