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Eastercon -- Monday

Did a last tour around the dealer's room and bought The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction. Non-fiction doesn't count with regard to the size of the To Read pile. *g*

After this I packed, bunged everything into the car and checked out of the hotel room. Just caught the second half of the Death of the Hero panel, on which I took no notes, so I'll just say that Interesting Things Were Discussed.

After sitting and chatting for a while, the final programme item I attended was Ken McLeod's guest of honour spot, in which he read an extract from his next book and answered questions.

Then said goodbye to people and set off for home. The journey back was fine. Again all the traffic was coming the other way (people heading for home after a weekend in Wales) and I once more managed to navigate all the roundabouts without being swept off onto a motorway. Arrived back in time for tea.

Felt really tired Tuesday and didn't do much. Today managed to finish almost all the carpet tiles on the landing. Back in work tomorrow.

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