Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Right now I hate technology!

Well, not really, but it seems like a huge struggle to get everything sorted out.

The new computer for G arrived yesterday afternoon. He didn't try to set it up right away because he'd been working on the laptop, which he'd connected to the monitor and keyboard. Then, this morning I had the first Welsh lesson using MS Teams. For some reason the headset mike and earphones weren't recognised, despite having worked perfectly yesterday for the Skype chat group.

So I joined the Team, couldn't hear anything, saw a message saying my microphone and speakers weren't working and therefore left again. A bit of fiddling around failed to get Teams, or in fact any software, to accept that the headset existed. Eventually after plugging it in and out and exploring settings, I plugged it into the back instead of the front and then it was all fine. I was only 15 minutes late for the class. :-(

Meanwhile, the "dead" computer had shown signs of life so while it was working, G spent a few hours backing up absolutely everything.

Eventually he decided he had everything he needed so we started to set up the new computer...

....only to discover that none of the cables we have stashed in the basket of old computer bits and pieces had the right fitting to connect the computer to the monitor.


So I have ordered an HDMI cable (£1.99) and as the delivery charge would have been more than the cable, I took the opportunity to restock our supply of printer cartridges which gave us free delivery. They should come tomorrow.

As to the iPhone, after all the struggles to get the new SIM and get it unlocked, it's not going to be suitable. The battery is just not staying charged long enough and as the whole point is for G to carry it in case of emergency, having an unreliable battery is not a good idea. Instead, I have ordered him one of these...

SIM Free HAMMER BOW+ Rugged Mobile Phone - Black

Rugged phone sml.jpg

It will actually be better for what G needs than an iPhone as he can drop it in the mud or get caught in heavy rain and it shouldn't come to any harm. It should arrive in a few day's time and then it will need the right SIM. We have the old standard SIM and a new nano SIM? What's the betting it takes a micro SIM?

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