Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Things are starting to come together

I didn't walk up to see my elderly friend M this morning because I had to wait in for parcels. Over the past week, I'd ordered 3 things and they all arrived today.

They were the:

* Hammer rugged flip phone
* HDMI lead for the computer
* Set book for the Welsh course that started yesterday.

So once G returned from his walk we got the computer set up and he's happily installing software and copying his files over from the back up drives. I have the flip phone charging and have downloaded the full instructions. Very minimal instructions in minuscule print -- so small I had to use a magnifying glass -- came with it, but they didn't do much more than explain what the various buttons were for.

Miraculously, the flip phone takes the old style large SIM, so all I have to do is reverse the SIM swap I did last week and (cross fingers), it should be ready to go.

The arrival of the Welsh book enables me to do the homework set yesterday.

Though I didn't see M -- to be honest I thought it was a bit cold for her to sit out on the porch anyway -- we did chat on the phone and finished the crossword together.

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