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One thing at a time...

In my last post I wrote about how it looked like the phone problem was sorted as the new rugged flip phone took the old-style large SIM so all I had to do was reverse the SIM switch I'd done to activate the nano SIM for the iPhone.

Except that it doesn't seem to be possible to go back!

Apparently there is a thing called "scream therapy" and right now I feel it might help, but I don't have anywhere to scream safely without it causing distress to people around me and resulting in the emergency services arriving. So I will do the British stiff upper lip thing and keep telling myself to deal with one thing at a time.

So things that need dealing with, preferably over the next week:

* Do the chat help thing with Vodafone to sort out either the reverse SIM switch or request a new SIM.
* Book a flu jab for me (and possibly for G too)
* Talk to the garage about the oil change warning that has popped up on the car dashboard.
* Go to a jewellers to get a new battery fitted in G's watch which stopped working this morning.

In more upbeat news, I did the weekly big shop this morning. Actually the "big shop" is now somewhat smaller. I have maxed out my storage space so the Brexit stockpile will not grow any bigger and I'll just be replacing items as they are used.

I went to the Eurospar for their nice eggs, the cheaper Fruit & Fibre, the local Welsh monthly newspaper (produced by volunteers), and some of the different and more interesting cakes they have. From there it was on to the Co-op to stock up on the usual fruit, veg, milk and frozen foods.

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