Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

I didn't intend to go for a walk

Both of G's watches needed new batteries. One must have stopped working a while ago, but his new watch stopped this week. There is a jewellers in town that replaces watch batteries, but I had an idea that I'd tried to get the battery in G's old Diesel watch replaced once before but was told that it required a special tool to get the back off and he didn't have it.

Or perhaps it wasn't the chap who runs the only jewellers shop now who said he didn't have the right tool. Perhaps it was the elderly woman who ran the other jewellers that is now closed?

Or perhaps he didn't have the right tool then but might have realised that he was turning away business and thus acquired one since? Anyway, I thought it was worth trying the local shop before driving 35 minutes to the next town.

I had online meetings on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, so looking at the forecast we decided that Friday was the best day to go to Porthmadog, where there is a jewellers who can definitely replace batteries in Diesel watches. With the covid precautions, we didn't want to go shopping while the batteries were fitted, but we thought there was a walk we could do and we could take sandwiches and make a day out of it. Though to be honest, we have lots to do with our various projects, so it felt rather like a wasted day.

The jewellers in Porthmadog doesn't have a web site or even a Facebook presence, so we couldn't easily check if it was open at the moment. We would have to phone to check opening hours. However, we knew that the chap in town could definitely do the older watch and it was just possible he could do both. Therefore today I walked into town after lunch and arrived at the shop around 1.40 p.m. to find a note on the door saying "Out for lunch, back in 20 minutes".

I wandered around town (which is very small) for about ten minutes and then returned. The door was still locked and the sign was still there. I didn't want to walk all the way home as the shop was open today, or would be when the owner returned from lunch. I therefore wandered up past the old post office and on up a lane I haven't been up for many years. I wandered on and on, past the Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall, all the time wondering whether I had ever been this far up this particular lane before.

Eventually the lane came to an end at some woods.

Sunlit Woods

I've walked down through these woods many times, but there are several paths and I don't think I've ever come down this particular one.

I had thought I might have to simply retrace my steps to get back down into town, but there was a footpath sign and the path seemed to be leading in the right direction. After a while it emerged from the woods and I could see the town ahead.


Soon the path I was following joined one I definitely recognised and shortly afterwards I was back down in town. By now the jewellers was open and he said he could do both watches. Yay!

I left the watches and, having had enough of wandering around to kill time, I went home, had a cup of tea and returned to collect them at 3 p.m. So we don't have to go anywhere to get the watches fixed, I can get on with editing my latest video and as the weather isn't all that good tomorrow, today was better for the walk.

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