Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

The weekly shopping news

Not much to report. I'm not buying as much now my Brexit stockpile storage boxes are full. I'm just replacing items when they're removed and eaten.

I just did the Co-op today and was a little disconcerted to find part of the car park taken up with those cabins that workmen use. On entering the store, I discovered that the false ceiling had been removed, revealing all the wiring for the lights, and they had moved things around! I'd got into a routine with the new one-way system and even adjusted my shopping list so the items were grouped in a way that matched how things were shelved. Now it's all different!

The only thing I couldn't get was tinned pineapple. I'll try the Eurospar next week if it hasn't reappeared by Friday.

While I'm talking about food...

I made the jollof rice again this week and another Pirate Stew. Meanwhile Atomic Shrimp over on YouTube was making another Nigerian food out of beans. It looked tasty. I'd never tried African food before, so it's interesting to extend my repertoire, especially as we've not eaten out since the New Year meal and I've cooked every single dinner we've had this year.

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