Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

A new walk

Yesterday I went to explore a new path that leads to a local lake. It's not actually all that new, having been opened up to the public two years ago. In fact the actual track is very old, having been constructed at least 200 years ago, but it's not a public right of way so I've never ventured up it before. However, in the last couple of years the Nannau Estate have opened up some new routes as permissive paths so I thought I'd take a look.

The total walk was about 4 miles, mostly on familiar lanes, but I did venture a little way up the new (to me) path.

I can never resist photographing gateways.

Distant hills

Further up the track looking back...

Path to Llyn Cynwch (looking back)

It's said that there used to be seven roads leading to the big house and this would have been used by riders and carriages at one time. It's now mostly grassed over, but there are traces of the stones that must have originally made at least part of the track. The permissive path now leads to Llyn Cynwch (which reputedly has fairies living in it!). I didn't have time to get all the way to the lake, but I know where the path is now and will explore it fully at some point.

This was snapped on the way back down into town. The sun broke through the cloud for a moment or two.

Stone barn

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