Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Quick update

I've been trying to post here more regularly, but some weeks I don't really have anything interesting to say. Last Friday I did the usual quick top-up shop in the Co-op, which is currently rather bare due to it having a revamp. I hope they finish this week because it's frustrating to go with a shopping list and find whole aisles inaccessible. I mean it's not really a problem because I have my Brexit emergency stash (which I'm going to add just one more box to), but I haven't been able to get the soya milk I like or G's favourite crisps. Though having said that, he's now declared the replacement crisps his new favourite, so there is that.

Over the weekend I took Saturday as a rest day. Saturday and Monday are the only days I don't have some sort of commitment. For relaxation I've been watching the new series of "Ghosts" on BBC1. It's very silly, but right now light and silly dramas are what I need. I've also started crocheting again.

Whether it was the rest day I don't know, but I suddenly went Aaaaarrrrggggh! I can't stand this clutter any more! and cleared out a box of old (very old!) papers and did a pile of ironing. Perhaps I've finally got used to the "New Normal" but from somewhere I've finally found the mental energy to do useful things.

As well as carrying on with the ironing and the shredding of old papers, today I learned how to zoom in and out and move around on a still photo in a video. One of the next videos I want to do will be about the old station in our little town and the old railway line, now a cycling and walking trail. I happen to have photos taken 7 years ago of a model railway that's a replica of this section of line. If only I'd known then that the photos would be useful for a video project several years in the future, I'd have taken them with a decent camera. As it is, they were taken a phone whose camera was not as good as my current phone or the previous phone. However, they will have to do.

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