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The shopping news

Tuesday is shopping day and I've now got the timing right. If you go too early there are lots of secondary school pupils calling in before school to buy snacks. Later in the morning (after 10.15 a.m.) there are college students going in to buy things for lunch. As both the college and one of the primary schools have had children testing positive for covid, I'd rather avoid young people if possible, though they are very good about wearing masks.

An acquaintance who once worked in Russia in communist times said during the shortages and panic buying at the start of the lockdown that she was shopping in Soviet mode. That is she didn't make a list of things she wanted, she just went to see what was available, bought whatever was there and decided what meals to make with it once she'd got it home. It's a bit like that in our local Co-op at the moment.

This is nothing to do with the pandemic or Brexit, but they're having a revamp. I snatched a couple of photos this morning. I don't know exactly what they're doing in the way of refurbishment, but they've taken out the ceiling and revealed all the wiring and pipework. If you click through to the full size photo, they've also revealed a sign that says, "Lubrication", a legacy of the days many many years ago, before it was turned into a Lo-Cost supermarket, when the building was a garage. The supermarket changed owners a couple of times before ending up as a Co-op.

IMG_20201020_100017 empty shelves copy.jpg

This shows the empty shelves a little better.

IMG_20201020_100025 weely shop copy.jpg

Surprisingly, I did get everything I wanted, other than fruit, though I had to go round twice because I missed the rather limited selection of fresh meat on my first circuit of the shelves. They have, of course, moved everything round, which I hate because I have to search for stuff, but I'm sure it will be fine when the work is finished.

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