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Move more, eat less

After the weeks, nay months, of sloth, some activity at last. I have excuses for not exercising since Christmas; they are: the nasty weather, the 'fluey thing that dragged on for weeks, G's busyness with computer models and lack of interest in going out doing field work.

Anyway, yesterday G suddenly needed photos of one of the rivers he is studying, so we both dragged ourselves away from our computers and headed off into the countryside. It was gorgeous, my most favourite kind of weather: sunny and mild enough to wear light-weight clothes, yet not too hot to enjoy strenuous exercise and not yet swarming with biting insects.

We wandered along by the riverbank and I photographed the river and the flood plain and then got distracted by pretty spring flowers. I took some photos that will make a Photo of the Week for my web page, though I haven't put it together yet.

Returned nicely exercised to spend the rest of the day doing not very much. Really must tackle the messy house and progress the home makeover a bit further.

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