Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Welsh rams

43/52 for the group 2020 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: Q is for Quadruped

I've been bad about going out for walks, so as the forecast said it would be dry this afternoon, I went out for a walk in search of quadrupeds. I knew there would be plenty around but the question was, would any be close enough to get a decent shot?

Distant sheep

However, half way up the footpath that leads to the golf club (which actually isn't a golf club any more because the golf course closed), I came across this group of rams that were close enough to get a good shot. So these are my quadrupeds for the weekly challenge.

Welsh Rams

The walk is a circular one, so after descending the steep hill back down towards town, I did a slight diversion to the EuroSpar where I got the citrus fruits that the Co-op didn't have on Tuesday, some more milk, pizzas for tomorrow and the local papers, namely The Cambrian News which is weekly and Llygad Y Dydd, which is now produced by volunteers and comes out monthly.

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