Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Decluttering old papers

A couple of days ago I pulled out a pile of old papers, some of which I've kept since childhood, relating to my fiction writing.

During the paper decluttering, I finally found the old photocopy of an article about local legends. It was the hunt for the article which had led to the search through the papers in the first place, but I realised I was now ready to let go of all the rough drafts, notes relating to my fiction writing and the juvenilia. If I'd ever become a published author, pointing at the stories I wrote in school might have been amusing, but I'm not going to read them again so best to get rid of them now.

I'm keeping the stuff relating to the novels I might conceivably work on again, but I'm not a short story writer, so saving those drafts and notes is pointless.

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