Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

It's Tuesday, it's shopping day

I went at the same time as usual (around 9.30 a.m.) though as it's half term, neither the school kids nor the college students would be in the Co-op this morning. It was actually very quiet, possibly due to the fact that the refurb continues and even more shelves have disappeared.

IMG_20201027_095256 Co-op refurb copy.jpg

Because I knew it was there, I looked up at the old garage sign and realised it actually says, "Shellubrication".

Anyway, believe it or not, I got more or less everything I went for apart from ice cream, beer and cream. We only have a drink with our meal in the evening and usually it's wine, but occasionally we have a beer for a change. Anyway, I can get some in the EuroSpar on Friday as we've decided we prefer their pizzas. This means that henceforth I can do the Friday top-up shop in EuroSpar as a regular thing. I can also get more meat. I had chicken breasts and pork steaks on my shopping list, but there was neither chicken nor pork so I ended up with rump steak and meatballs. However, they did have the "easy peeler" citrus fruits.

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