Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Top-up shop and a short walk

Because the Co-op still has three more weeks of refurbishment and also because we decided we liked the Spar pizzas better than the Co-op ones, I walked up to the EuroSpar for my top-up shop this week. It had rained all day yesterday and most of this morning, but the weather dried up after lunch and a brisk walk did me good.

Initially I thought I'd left it too late because the shelf where I'd found the pizzas last week was empty. After a quick re-think, I found a lasagne and thought that would do instead. Then I went round the corner and found a whole shelf of pizzas. So I got everything I went for and so we'll have food to tide us over until the next big shop. Especially as our daughter had arranged for a bag of goodies to be delivered from our local wine shop! Wine, beer, cheese, crackers and crisps. It was a lovely surprise.

The walk to the EuroSpar takes me to the other side of town and I walked past the Farmers Mart where the usual weekly sheep sale was in progress. The sheep are dropped off, auctioned online and collected by the new owners.

By the way, I post these shopping updates for two reasons. Firstly the shopping trips are about the most exciting thing I do all week these days and secondly I want to record every time I go near people, just in case I do somehow manage to catch covid. Oh, and re Wednesday's flu shot, I felt slightly feverish all day yesterday and my arm ached a bit, but I woke up this morning completely back to normal.

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